Album Reviews 

  • Hometown Sounds - "Electrics, keyboards, hand claps(!), all the trappings of a robust pop rock album...cements them as a hard working band doing double duty as both talented and frequent performers and recording artists.  "Closer than Brothers" is really great album that will rush over you so pleasurably."

  • The Deli Mag - "a solid collection of sounds from late 90's guitar-pop, from college-rock and power-pop to alternative country and folk."
  • DC Rock Live - "There is brisk hook laden power pop followed by contemplative post-punk indie rock. They move around their style a bit, but never sound too radically different, which is a good way to explore interesting sonic terrain while retaining your personality. I particularly enjoyed the snappy Wire like guitars in "We Will Create our Own Reality"
  • Dave Attrill - "a wavy and worthy workout with rockers and ballads both and a good summer blues handle on It's All There". "Airy choruses you can sing while strumming beneath a sunlit tree out the back in the evening".

Show Reviews 

  • Parklife DC - Winter Tour Kickoff - Rock 'n' Roll Hotel (1/19/15)
  • DC Rock Live - Winter Tour Kickoff -Rock'n'Roll Hotel (1/19/15) 


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